Round, oval or a combination of straight lines and curves can be bevelled to produce various shapes to compliment your application. (We are also able to bevel laminated glass )

The most common bevel shapes are the V-shape bevel (also known as V groove, or plain bevel) and the compound V-bevel (also known as double V groove). The bevel angles in V shape can be carried out in mainly 30, 37.5, and 45 °. Bevel effects make shapes apart by making them look embossed, like a button, or even a pillow.

Bevel adds thickness and a rounded edge to shapes, but it doesn't work with every type of shape. A bevel cut is an angled cut in which the top of the wood is not perpendicular to the edges. Bevel cuts can often be made with a circular saw, table saw or a mitre saw. They will have an angled edge and are used for things such as the edge of a table to prevent sharp corners. 

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