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Glass & Mirror Processing Solutions 

Welcome to Clean Cut
Glass & Mirrors

Leading providers of comprehensive
Glass and Mirror processing solutions.

Established in 1997, we are experts in
bending, curving, sandblasting and
toughening glass and mirrors by CNC
cutting,CNC polishing, straight line
polishing,beveling and other modern
processing techniques.  

We can CNC process glass from 2 to
19mm thick and mirrors products from
2 to 6mm and cut them into various
shapes and sizes customised to the
specific needs of individual clients.

We can do anything with glass and

Glass and Aluminium Balustrade

Glass and Mirrors

We service the whole economic spectrum from industrial commercial
markets to individuals with distinct homes and even sport clubs who
proudly assign our trophies for individual and team achievements. 

Glass in Doors and Glass Balustrades

Our client base includes :

� Shopfitters
� Retailers and construction contractors
� Builders and home improvement enterprises
� Kitchen and bathroom installers
� Architects and interior designers
� Individuals with distinguished homes
� Sport bodies, schools and clubs.

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