Curved Glass

Clean Cut Glass manufactures and supplies a wide variety of curved glass. Our products are used in a wide range of architectural projects, in shop fitting and for revolving door entrances, for office partitioning and work-stations, in the yacht-building industry, glass tables large and small, for convex glass mirrors and light-house glass, for glass canopies and curved glass walls. We are never surprized by the requests we get and always strive to provide a solution for our clients.

Curved glass can be used in a wide range of areas including but not limited to:

Architectural Curved Glass

Curved glass is used in a range of architectural projects; glass windows, walls and balustrading, revolving doors, glass stairwell protection, office partitioning, shop fitting, curved glass curtain walls, glass canopies and office work stations.

Furniture Curved Glass

At Clean Cut Glass we custom make a variety of glass tables and desks. Curved glass can be used as supports for glass table tops and we manufacture a variety of ‘C' Bends for this purpose. The C-Bends can be arranged in many different ways to provide the support for a glass table tops. Large flattish C-Bends have been used as spectacular supports for ten and twelve seater boardroom and dining tables. Clients have used clear C-Bend supports for coloured glass tops to create the effect of a ‘floating' table. Glass curved into a ‘U' bend can be used for coffee tables, or placed on edge as a glass desk support. The coffee table U bends come in two sizes; 1250mm long and 780mm long, however, the width and height can be specified – for example, the U-Bend can be made narrow and tall and be used as a server, or short and wide for a low square coffee table. We have made items as diverse as pulpits and cake stands to curved glass urinal splashbacks!

Shop Fittting

Curved Glass is used in a multitude of ways by the retail industry. Deli-counters use curved glass to protect their wares, jewellery counters keep their valuables safe behind glass counters. Curved glass walls are used in shop fronts and curved glass panels used as canopies to protect entrances.

Other Curved Glass

Curved glass has a multitude of applications. Laminated glass is used in instances where it is important that the glass is held together should it be broken – windscreens are made from laminated glass and we have made glass for vintage vehicles that are unable to source the appropriate glass from the manufacturers. We also manufacture curved laminated glass for yachts – boat-builders provide us with templates or plugs and the glass is curved to their specifications. Curved and laminated glass is also used for the glass cheeks in revolving doors where it is an important safety factor. Our curved glass is used for water tanks, water features, light fixtures and convex mirrors, to name a few.

If you are looking for curved glass at the best prices in South Africa give our team a call today.