Glass Panels & Splashbacks

The process of colouring and/or stylising glass gives architects, builders, designers and homeowners a sensational material to work with, one which has few boundaries or limitations of application or design. Clean Cut Glass offers a full design and installation service for both Glass Panels and Splashbacks.

We have the expertise and hardware to create a solution for almost every customer and every site. Coloured splashbacks are designed by applying colour treatment to a glass surface. Once treatment has been applied it mends to the surface of the glass to form an impervious and durable surface, which retains the fullness of the colour applied.

Glass splashbacks and panels offer excellent functions as they are durable, easy to clean, low maintenance, great for wet areas (as they are grout and mould free) and they have no size limitations.

Coloured Glass Splashbacks are:

Our coloured glass is a stylish alternative to tiles and one that has many exciting possibilities.

With the easy cleaning, non-staining quality of glass, eliminating the need for grouting it is the perfect surface for kitchens, bathrooms, laundries and other wet areas.

Glass splashbacks are a new concept designed to ensure a clean, modern design and finish that requires minimal work to maintain.

Here at Clean Cut Glass we absolutely love splashbacks and think they are worth every penny but it’s important to be aware of the downsides as well. So, here’s an honest review of the pros and cons of getting a glass kitchen splashback.

 Pros of Coloured Glass Splashbacks

The advantages of a glass splashback are many.

Here’s a few them to whet your appetite:

Shiny – splashbacks have an amazing shine to them and reflect the light brilliantly. This can really help light up the kitchen and creates an amazing reflection. Alternatives such as tiles don’t provide this benefit. The reflection that a glass splashback gives can really help mitigate a lack of light, if there are no or minimal windows or during the nights or winter days.

Choice of colours – the choice of colours you can access with a glass splashback is amazing. Bright reds, black, brilliant white, lime green, pink, purple and blue – all these colours are opened up with the use of glass as a material.

Easy to clean – Splashbacks are easy to keep hygenic and clean and wipe down extremely easily. Unlike tiles which gather mould and grime in the grouting splashbacks provide a smooth surface that repels dirt and muck.

Special Features – Splashbacks can be made truly stunning centre pieces of the kitchen with the addition of additional features such as LED lighting or Photo-based splashbacks.

Perfect Fit – A made-to-measure glass splashback will fit the wall perfectly, providing a snug fit and smooth lines

Unique designs – If you dont feel like going for the normal coloured glass splashback you can commission a unique piece of art with a special design from a glass artist. For example, Cool glass offers a range of unique artistic designs.

Cons of Coloured Glass Splashbacks

Yes, there are a couple of downsides to a glass splashback – here they are:

Cost – No doubt about it, a custom-made glass splashback is going to be expensive. Splashbacks prices vary hugely. On the other hand, alternatives such as tiles can also be pricey.

Installation process – Suffice to say it is pretty involved and requires up to three trips to your house to scope, measure and install your splashback.