Glass and mirrors are drilled from both sides to reduce the edges from chipping. This is especially noticeable where holes are drilled into mirrors. Hole sizes vary from 6mm to 75mm. Larger holes and irregular cut outs are made by a water-jet cutter. The operations that are commonly performed on drilling machines are drilling, reaming, lapping, boring, counter-boring, counter-sinking, Spot facing, and tapping. This is the operation of making a circular hole by removing a volume of metal from the job by a rotating, cutting tool called drill.

Which drilling machine is used to multiple hole?

A drilling machine, also called a drill press, is a powerful tool used to cut a round hole into or through metal, plastic, wood, or other solid materials through turning and advancing rotary drill bits into a workpiece.

Pillar drilling machine

These drilling machines are mounted on the floor and driven by more powerful electric motors.

What is a multiple spindle drill machine?

A multi-spindle machine is a screw machine that is made in a way that it can cut materials into small pieces in a simultaneous manner through the use of a number of tools. This machine possesses multiple spindles which are found on a drum that rotates in a horizontal manner.

What is drill head in drilling machine?

A drill head is defined as the cutting tool at the end of a drill string used to remove material and create pilot boreholes. Most drill heads are equipped with a nozzle capable of jetting high-pressure water to facilitate the drilling process

What is types of drill machine?

Types of Drilling Machines:

The drilling machine consits of the following:

Base: It is made of cast iron with high compressive strength and good wear resistance. The base serves to support the mounting of parts on it and also absorbs vibrations induced by machine parts.

Column: It is placed exactly at one end of a bed that can serve as a support to rotate the radial arm 360 degrees.
Radial Arm: It is the arm that connects to the spine. The drill head slides along the guides from end to end.

Motor: Attached to the drilling head to drive the working unit (drilling spindle) Table: The machine vice is connected to a rotary table that can hold the workpiece for further processing.
hand wheel or hand wheel - is associated with the spindle assembly used to move up and down. the workpiece

Drag head: It generally consists of two levers that, by varying them, can increase or decrease the speed of the chuck.
Chuck: One end of the chuck is connected to the spindle assembly and the other end is connected to the drill (tool).
Tool Drill: The drill is used to drill the holes in the specimens.
Workpiece: It must be clamped in the vise provided on the table.

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